About Us

Welcome to the E-Education Network!

“Making you online and interconnected”.


The E- Education Network is an Idea to transform the education process in India and Bring Smart Education and Online e-Learning system to every students reach.


We are a solution specialist for

  • e-Learning System
  • Online Learning Management System 
  • Online government Exam Preparation system 
  • Online School Management System

We have developed an unrivalled reputation as a high quality, responsive education solution specialist, dedicated to providing a personalised service to our clients and candidates.

The E-Education Network only works within the education sector, so we understand the impact our service has on a newcomer jobseeker seeking a government related job opportunity. We therefore aim to provide excellent service with a commitment to building long lasting customer and client relationships providing the best online learning experience. 

In a knowledge intensive sector like ours, E-Education Network fills a unique role. We not only run knowledge portal or e-learning system, we also offer services to help students and schools to better manage, synthesize, and share what they are learning.


You don’t need to build a custom publications section or have in-house expertise in maintaining an online system to effectively share your knowledge. Our government Exam Preparation service simply takes the look and feel of your own website and wraps it around and gives you a real feel exam system with live statistics and learning growth. 

What makes this service truly unique is that Government Exam Preparation are part of a larger, networked knowledge management system that ties your products into the collective intelligence of the social sector.